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District Round Tables 1st Tuesday of the Month Eventbrite - Nu-Ooh-Ska District Meeting & Roundtable

March 7, 2015 -Nu-Ooh-Ska District Pinewood RSVP  Eventbrite - Nu-Ooh-Ska District Pinewood

March 21, 2015 -Nu-Ooh-Ska District Dinner RSVP Eventbrite - Nu-Ooh-Ska District Dinner

May 8-10, 2015-Hi-Line District Spring Camporee RSVP Eventbrite - Hi-Line District Spring Camporee

May 30, 2015 -Nu-Ooh-Ska District Day Camp RSVP Eventbrite - Nu-Ooh-Ska District Day Camp

September 10-11, 2015- Fort Benton Family Camp Rendezvous RSVP Eventbrite - Cub Scout Fort Benton Cub Scout Rendezvous