The Hi-Line District is one of the three districts that make up the Hi-Line area which services Liberty County, Hill County, Blaine County, Phillips County, and the northern part of Choteau County. The primary center is Havre, which is located in Hill County and has a population of around 11,000 people. The Hi-Line District also includes the Fort Belknap and Rocky Boy Indian Reservations.  The Hi-Line District is located 110 miles north of Great Falls, which is the Council Center. The Hi-Line District is glad that you are interested in Scouting and would like to welcome all new families to contact the Key 3 for more information.

For more information, please contact
District Chairman: William Lanier — wjlanier1963@yahoo.com | 406-399-4609
District Commissioner: Steve Schumacher — schu58@yahoo.com | 406-390-2225
District Director: Levi Knight — Levi.Knight@scouting.org | 406-751-8760

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