Merit Badge Counselors

The list below is our currently registered Merit Badge Counselors, sorted by the badge they counsel. Some counselors have registered to counsel only for Scouts in a specific unit. Where possible, that unit is identified on the list. If there is no mark in the “Troop Only” column, the counselor is willing to counsel any youth in the merit badge.

Merit Badge Counselor Troop Only
American Heritage Chris Bosio 1976
Archaeology Lynne Raymond 1962
Archery Jim Douglas
Archery Don Goodnight 1976
Archery Brett Pearce
Art Elizabeth Zielinski
Astronomy Greg Raymond 1962
Astronomy Teri Yetter 1976
Athletics Steve Mazur
Athletics Kim Nittler
Automotive Maintenance Don Goodnight 1976
Aviation Jim Douglas
Aviation Don Goodnight 1976
Aviation John Mowat 1962
Backpacking Bryan Kercher 1962
Backpacking Jeff Peaser
Backpacking Greg Raymond 1962
Backpacking Mike Zielinski
Bird Study Chris Bosio 1976
Bird Study Greg Raymond 1962
Camping Bill Edens 1115
Camping Bryan Kercher 1962
Camping Joshua Marston
Camping Ethan Nittler 1117
Camping Greg Raymond 1962
Camping Lance Turner
Carpentry Bill Edens 1115
Chemistry Robert Child
Chemistry Cammie Edgar
Chemistry Greg Raymond 1962
Chess Ethan Nittler
Chess Adam Sangster 1992
Citizenship in the Community Jim Douglas
Citizenship in the Community Michael Leishman 1994
Citizenship in the Community Brett Pearce
Citizenship in the Community Richard Sherman
Citizenship in the Community Lance Turner
Citizenship in the Nation Jim Douglas
Citizenship in the Nation Michael Leishman 1994
Citizenship in the Nation John Mowat 1962
Citizenship in the Nation Brett Pearce
Citizenship in the Nation Lance Turner
Citizenship in the World Jim Douglas
Citizenship in the World Bob Edgar 1115
Citizenship in the World Brett Pearce
Citizenship in the World Greg Raymond 1962
Citizenship in the World Lance Turner
Climbing Bill Edens 1115
Coin Collecting Greg Raymond 1962
Collections Don Goodnight 1976
Communications Cammie Edgar
Communications Ken Hill
Communications Kim Nittler
Communications Lance Turner
Computers Tom McCartney
Computers Mike Zielinski
Cooking Chris Bosio 1976
Cooking Cammie Edgar
Cooking Don Goodnight 1976
Cooking Joshua Marston
Cooking Kim Nittler
Cooking Greg Raymond 1962
Crime Prevention Selena DeVantier
Crime Prevention Don Goodnight 1976
Crime Prevention Richard Sherman
Cycling Gayle Croft
Cycling Jeff Peaser
Dentistry Greg Olsen
Digital Technology Mike Zielinski
Dog Care Richard Sherman
Emergency Preparedness Bill Bennett
Emergency Preparedness Don Goodnight 1976
Emergency Preparedness Steve Mazur
Emergency Preparedness Lance Turner
Environmental Science Robert Child
Environmental Science Brett Pearce
Family Life Cammie Edgar
Family Life Michael Leishman 1994
Family Life Joshua Marston
Family Life Tanya Matthew
Family Life Steve Mazur
Family Life John Mowat 1962
Family Life Kim Nittler
Family Life Brett Pearce
Family Life Teri Yetter 1976
Farm Mechanics Bill Edens 1115
Fingerprinting Selena DeVantier
Fingerprinting Richard Sherman
Fire Safety Bill Bennett
Fire Safety Don Goodnight 1976
Fire Safety Lance Turner
First Aid Bill Bennett
First Aid Joshua Marston
First Aid Steve Mazur
First Aid Brett Pearce
Fishing Robert Child
Fishing Bill Edens 1115
Fishing Steve Mazur
Fishing Ethan Nittler 1117
Fly Fishing Robert Child
Fly Fishing Steve Mazur
Fly Fishing Ethan Nittler 1117
Forestry Bill Bennett
Forestry Steve Mazur
Gardening Cammie Edgar
Gardening Don Goodnight 1976
Gardening Tanya Matthew
Gardening Lynne Raymond 1962
Genealogy Cammie Edgar
Genealogy Teri Yetter 1976
Geocaching Kim Nittler
Geocaching Teri Yetter 1976
Geology Jim Douglas
Geology Cammie Edgar
Hiking Teri Yetter 1976
Hiking Mike Zielinski
Home Repairs Bill Edens 1115
Home Repairs Don Goodnight 1976
Home Repairs Jeff Peaser
Horsemanship Don Goodnight 1976
Horsemanship Elizabeth Zielinski
Insect Study Chris Bosio 1976
Life Saving Steve Mazur
Mammal Study Chris Bosio 1976
Medicine Steve Mazur
Metalwork Bill Edens 1115
Music Tanya Matthew
Music Lynne Raymond 1962
Nature Chris Bosio 1976
Nuclear Science Robert Child
Nuclear Science Greg Raymond 1962
Painting Tanya Matthew
Personal Fitness Chris Bosio 1976
Personal Fitness Bryan Kercher 1962
Personal Fitness Joshua Marston
Personal Fitness Tanya Matthew
Personal Fitness John Mowat 1962
Personal Fitness Kim Nittler
Personal Fitness Brett Pearce
Personal Fitness Teri Yetter 1976
Personal Management Gayle Croft
Personal Management Cammie Edgar
Personal Management Don Goodnight 1976
Personal Management Kim Nittler
Personal Management Brett Pearce
Personal Management Greg Raymond 1962
Pets Mary Beth Edens
Pets Tanya Matthew
Pioneering Bob Edgar
Plumbing Ethan Nittler 1117
Programming Tom McCartney
Public Speaking Cammie Edgar
Reading Chris Bosio 1976
Reading Lynne Raymond 1962
Reading Teri Yetter 1976
Rifle Shooting Jim Douglas
Rifle Shooting Don Goodnight 1976
Rifle Shooting Steve Mazur
Rifle Shooting Ethan Nittler 1117
Salesmanship Mike Zielinski
Scholarship Lynne Raymond 1962
Search and Rescue Bill Bennett
Search and Rescue Don Goodnight 1976
Shotgun Shooting Jim Douglas
Shotgun Shooting Don Goodnight 1976
Shotgun Shooting Steve Mazur
Shotgun Shooting Ethan Nittler 1117
Skating Brett Pearce
Snow Sports Robert Child
Snow Sports Bryan Kercher 1962
Sports Steve Mazur
Sports Kim Nittler
Stamp Collecting Greg Raymond 1962
Sustainability Jeff Peaser
Sustainability Lance Turner
Swimming Steve Mazur
Swimming John Mowat 1962
Swimming Kim Nittler
Swimming Adam Sangster 1992
Traffic Safety Don Goodnight 1976
Traffic Safety Richard Sherman
Truck Transportation Don Goodnight 1976
Weather Cammie Edgar
Welding Bill Edens 1115
Wilderness Survival Don Goodnight 1976
Wilderness Survival Steve Mazur
Wilderness Survival Ethan Nittler 1117
Wood Carving Don Goodnight 1976
Woodwork Bill Edens 1115
Woodwork Don Goodnight 1976

list date 08/03/17