Cub Scout Uniforms

The blue uniform is worn by Tiger Cubs, Wolf Cubs, and Bear Cubs, including the hat and neckerchief for their rank (orange for Tigers, yellow for Wolves, blue for Bears). Adventure loops are worn on the blue belt.

BSA Insignia Guide
Cub Scout Uniform Inspection Sheet

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Right Sleeve Insignia

Insignia Name & Image Uniform  Placement Notes
Den Number
Den number
Immediately below and touching the U.S. flag Required
Journey to Excellence
2015 Journey to Excellence
Placed with the top 4 inches below the shoulder seam Optional
Only one patch is to be worn at a time and only the most recently earned is to be worn.
It is wearer’s discretion whether to wear the insignia for their unit, district, or council.
2016 Scorecard

Left Sleeve Insignia

Insignia Name & Image Uniform Placement Notes
Council Shoulder Emblem
Montana CSP
Just below the shoulder seam Required
Montana has a number of different shoulder emblems. Any of them are valid for uniform wear.
Unit Number
unit numbers
Below and touching the Council Shoulder Emblem
(or touching the veteran unit bar, when worn)
White numbers on red
Denner Shoulder Cord
denner shoulder cord
Worn over the left shoulder Awarded
Double strand for denner, single strand for assistant denner, tab only for former denner
Denner information

Right Pocket Insignia

Insignia Name & Image Uniform Placement Notes
Outdoor Ethics Action Award
Outdoor Ethics Action
Above the BSA strip Awarded
Outdoor Ethics Action Award
National Summertime Award
Summertime pins
Centered on pocket flap Awarded
Pins are colored for each rank.
May be earned each year and all may be worn.
National Summertime Pack Award
Cub Scout Outdoor Activity Award
Outdoor Activity
Worn on pocket flap Awarded
May be earned each year.  The pocket flap is awarded the first year.
Cub Scout Outdoor Activity Award
What if my Scout has earned both the Cub Scout Outdoor Activity Award and the National Summertime Award?
Wolf Track Pin
Wolf Track pin
Worn on Outdoor Activity Award patch Awarded
A wolf track pin is added to the patch each additional year the Outdoor Activity Award is earned (starting with the 2nd year).
Temporary Insignia Centered on the pocket or hung from the button See below for additional information
Only one temporary insignia may be worn on the uniform at a time
Recruiter Strip
Centered below the pocket Awarded
Recruiter Strip

Left Pocket Insignia

Insignia Name & Image Uniform Placement Notes
World Crest
Centered over the left pocket midway between the shoulder seam and the top of pocket Required
Worn by all registered youth members and adult leaders to symbolize membership in the World Scouting movement.
1910 World Crest Ring
World Crest ring
Worn around World Crest emblem Optional
Messengers of Peace
Messengers of Peace
Worn around World Crest emblem Awarded
Messengers of Peace program
Service Star
Cub service star
Placed 3/8″ above the shirt pocket
(or 1/4″ above square knots or medals, if worn)
Awarded (optional)
Only the most recently earned is to be worn.
Cub Scout service is indicated by the gold star backing. Backing is always worn with the star.
More star details
Square knots
Religious emblem square knot
Worn above the pocket
Can be worn in rows of 3
Square knots represent awards and are worn on the uniform in place of the medals they represent.
There are a number of square knots that can be earned, but the Religious Emblem knot (pictured to the left) is the most common earned by Cub Scouts.
Knots do have a right side up! More information on knots and how to tell which way is up.
Some knots may also be worn with knot devices, which convey more information about the award.
Attendance Pin
attendance pin
Worn above the pocket Awarded (optional)
Worn by youth members to encourage regular attendance.
Standards are set by unit leader.
Emergency Preparedness Pin
Emergency Preparedness
Worn on the flap Awarded
Emergency Preparedness
Badges of Rank
Cub ranks
Placed on pocket as displayed to the left Awarded
Bobcat is the first rank earned by all Cub Scouts.
If a Scout hasn’t earned a particular rank, that position is left empty.

Temporary Insignia & Cub Scout Awards

“Temporary insignia are issued for such events as summer camp, camporees, and Scouting shows…Only one such patch may be worn at a time. The patch is worn centered on the right pocket…It may be either sewn or suspended from under the flap attached to the button…Temporary insignia are not required for correct uniforming. Consider displaying temporary insignia in ways other than on the uniform.” The BSA red patch vest is a perfect place for additional insignia.

Some awards have specific locations where they belong on the uniform:
National Summertime Award
Cub Scout Outdoor Activity Award
Religious emblems
Messengers of Peace
Emergency Preparedness
Outdoor Ethics Action Award

Others, such as the Whittling Chip emblem are not for uniform wear.

Most awards are designed to be worn on the right pocket as a temporary insignia:
Cub World Conservation


Cub Scout World Conservation Award (cannot be earned by Tigers)


Outdoor Ethics


Cub Scouting Outdoor Ethics Awareness Award


Conservation Good Turn


Conservation Good Turn Award


Cub STEM/Nova


STEM/Nova/Supernova (cannot be earned by Tigers)


Cub Cyber Chip


Cyber Chip




SCOUTStrong PALA Challenge Award


Shooting Sports


Shooting Sports Award (different color for each rank)


Many other patches, such as those for Klondike Derbies, Camporees, JOTA, Scout Sunday, Scouting for Food, etc. can be worn as a temporary insignia. Remember that only one is to be worn on the uniform at a time. Move others to the red vest, a patch book or blanket, or some other display.