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K-M Getting Geared UP

As the 2016 camping season begins on the 4th of July, campers can expect some new and exciting elements that have been added to K-M Scout Ranch this year.

One of those features is the expansion of the ATV course.

Thanks to the efforts of Russ Ehnes, Dan Moore, and some other volunteers, there have been approximately 5 more miles of trail added to the ATV experience.  The new trail even ventures over to the old Kendall ghost town. With this addition we have almost 10 miles of ATV trails to ride and explore!

We also have added ten new Polaris ATVs bringing our total to fourteen.  With this many ATVs we have plenty of opportunity for scouts to get out and ride.  Hope to see you on the trail.

In the photo on the left, you’ll see Harold Leer helping haul and place about 20 yards of rock and gravel to soggy spots on the old trail. Below is an image of the part of the new trail including the construction of a small bridge.



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