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In Store: Winter Beanies

Winter is knocking at the door and it’s time to start thinking warm thoughts and warm clothing. Don’t get caught out in the weather without being properly equipped. A warm beanie is a great place to start.

Montana Council stores are stocking some awesome headcovers for the winter season.

  • The BSA Speckled Beanie for $9.99. Warm, versatile and BSA branded, this beanie is perfect for staying cozy all winter.
  • For the Cub Scout, we have a blue and gold beanie for $14.99.
  • BSA Mohawk Beanie for $14.99. Perfect for the holidays and cold weather, this eye-catching beanie is lined with fleece and decorated with mohawk-style fringe!
  • Panthervision BSA Knit Beanie, Adult-Olive Green for $19.99. Don’t let the shorter daylight hours slow you down! This fleece beanie combines the comfort of compression fleece with the technology of LED lighting to keep you going on every cold-weather adventure.

Come by one of our store locations or give us a call. We’re happy to help hook you up with one of these beanies before the snow really flies. If we’re sold out of the beanies we can also special order them.



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