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Glacier Park Service Project

The Boy Scouts have had a proud tradition of performing service projects in Glacier National Park as far back as 1925. Since the BSA Centennial in 2010 Scout units from Montana and Canada have performed outstanding service to Glacier National Park each summer.

This year marks the National Park Service 100th Anniversary. To commemorate this centennial celebration the Montana Council has minted a special medal to mark this special occasion. Only 250 medals will be minted for the centennial project.

This award is to recognize those Scouts and Scouters who devote a minimum of 20 service hours in Glacier
National Park during the summer of 2016.

Those desiring to participate in this event must sign up for one of the six weeks initially scheduled. A designated week runs from Sunday to Saturday. The unit is to arrive at the beginning of their week and be given a designated project to work on by the park. Units will have some flexibility in performing their hours of service so they can also enjoy the wonders that Glacier National Park has to offer.

More information or a Unit Registration form is available for download from the following links.

Glacier Park Service Project 2016

Glacier Service Project Unit Application



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