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Feb. 20, 2021 Auction Supports Montana Scouts

The catalog for the February 20, 2021, North American Auction Co. auction is live on the auction house website: Early Western & American Indian Auction w/ Luxury Jewelry

As you know, restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic forced districts and units to cancel most of their fundraising events. We assure you, Scouting is going strong during this time and although our revenue stream is altered, the necessity to fund our programming has not changed.

To help reach our fundraising goals, we are excited to partner with North American Auction Co. in Bozeman and participate in this upcoming online auction.

Here are some of the lots that will directly benefit the Montana Council and Scouting in the state. Stay tuned for future auctions as well.

Lot #589: Boy Scouts of America Circular Metal Sign

Estimate: 150.00 – 300.00 USD

Description: Included in this lot is a Boy Scouts of American circular metal sign. This sign features the classic Boy Scout emblem, “Fleur-de-Lis”, with the Eagle and shield in the center and the two stars on the badge that symbolize truth and knowledge. The emblem has a blue background and a yellow circular braided border. The sign reads “Boy Scouts of America” in navy blue lettering. The sign features a hole at the top and bottom to hang. The sign is in good condition, showing some scratches throughout the front. The sign measures 18″ by 18″.


Lot #624: Collection of Boy Scout Records & Poster Set

Estimate: 150.00 – 300.00 USD

Description: Included in this lot is a collection of Boy Scout records and an insignia poster set. There are 33 Boy Scout “Visual Education Service” records and eight full-color posters. The poster titles include: Scout, Tenderfoot, Second Class, First Class, Star Scout, Life Scout, Eagle Award, and Religious Emblems. The posters are in good condition and measure 12″ by 5 1/2″.The records are in good condition and the covers measure 10″ by 10 1/4″.


Lot #652: Collection of Vintage Boy Scout Uniforms

Estimate: 150.00 – 300.00 USD

Description: Included in this lot is a collection of vintage Boy Scout uniforms. Some of the pieces are brand new, still with the tags on them. Included are pants, shirts, and hats. These items include one yellow button-down Sioux Council (Minnesota, South Dakota, Iowa), one tan button-down Sioux Council (Minn, S. Dakota, Iowa), one moss green button-down, three jade green button-downs (one with Great Falls, Montana, and two with Billings, Montana), six navy blue button-downs, two light green pants, two jade green pants, ten navy pants, and nine hats. All of the pieces are in good condition and the sizes are labeled on each piece.


Lot #653: Official First Aid Kit of Boy Scouts of America

Estimate: 150.00 – 300.00 USD

Description: Included in this lot is an official case and first aid kit of the Boy Scouts of America from the 1930s. Included in the kit are a first aid guide, mercurochrome (red) gauze, sterile gauze bandages, first aid for burns, soap solvent, and vivo swabs. The kit was prepared by Bauer & Black Division of the Kendall Company. The tin is in good condition, with some minor scratches on the front and bottom. The case shows some stains and marks but is in good condition. The tin measures 5 1/2″ x 3 1/2″ by 1 1/4″.


Lot #664: Collection of Boy Scout Scarves, Badges, Pins, etc

Estimate: 200.00 – 400.00 USD

Description:Included in this lot is a collection of Boy Scout scarves, badges, pins, sashes, etc. The leather box includes a collection of Boy Scout gear from Great Falls native, Bert C. Kohlmeier. There are two letters in the box from Bert’s wife, explaining his life and her donation of his Boy Scout things to the Boy Scouts of America in Great Falls. The leather box of Bert’s things include four Emergency Service Explorer badges, an identification card with a mirror, a green sash with multiple badges and pins, two Boy Scout flags, two combs, and the two letters. The second box is a larger collection of Boy Scouts memorabilia. This box includes a large collection of Boy Scout badges, scarves/flags, pins, coins, etc. The badges range in years from 1974-2009, with some of the badges for “Assistant Patrol Leader”, “Lewis and Clark District Scouting For Food”, “Scouting Around the World”; the majority of the badges are from Boy Scout Jamborees. All of these items are in good condition.


Lot #734: Boy Scouts Neckerchiefs, Badges, Pins, & Headwear

Estimate: 100.00 – 300.00 USD

Description: Included in this lot is a collection of Boy Scouts of America neckerchiefs, badges, pins, and headwear. There are six neckerchiefs, a large selection of various badges, and one hat. The neckerchiefs include Yellowstone Valley Council, Idaho National Jamboree 1969, and Race to Cub Scouts. Some of the badges include ‘Trails End Gourmet Popcorn’, ‘Camp Yellowstone Scout Roundup’, ‘BSA Family’, ‘World Trade Construction City’, ‘American Legion Boy Scout’, and many others. The pins included are 75th Anniversary of the Cub Scouts. The hat is a wool, ‘Official Headwear of the Boy Scouts of America.’ All of these pieces are in good condition, with no stains or sign of wear.


Lot #739: Two Framed Norman Rockwell Boy Scout Prints

Estimate: 150.00 – 300.00 USD

Description: Included in this lot are two framed Norman Rockwell Boy Scout prints. The names of these prints are “Can’t Wait!” and “To Keep Myself Physically Strong”. The “Can’t Wait!” print is a depiction of a Cub Scout trying on a very large Boy Scout uniform, anticipating wearing one someday. The “To Keep Myself Physically Strong” print shows a Cub Scout measuring the chest of a Boy Scout who is trying to stay fit. Both of these prints are in good condition and are set into a wooden frame. The frames measure 15″ by 12″.


Lot #747: Collection of Boy Scout & Cub Scout Handbooks

Estimate: 100.00 – 300.00 USD

Description:Included in this lot is a collection of 22 Cub Scout and Boy Scout handbooks. Some of the books included are “How Book of Cub Scouting”, “Handbook for Boys”, “Songs Scouts Sing”, “The Boy’s Cub Book”, “Patrol Leaders Program Notebook”, “Fun Around the Campfire”, ” Down Memory’s Lane Together”, and many more. All of these books are in good condition for their age, excluding two books showing some wear and one showing a new leather cover.