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Do You Have Popcorn Fever?

Got Popcorn?

Of course, you do!  The real question is: Do you have popcorn fever?  If you have the fever, the symptoms will begin to show as the leaves start dropping and by Halloween, it will be in full force.

Then, hang on and enjoy the ride-popcorn fever will reach epidemic proportions here in Montana!

Visit our official Montana Council Popcorn page here!

Isn’t it amazing that a snack food can have such a positive impact on the quality of Scouting?

Here in Montana, we know popcorn in a big way, and our Montana Council Popcorn Campaign is second to none.  If your unit has not participated in the sale we encourage you to have another look and see how your Scouts can benefit from this awesome fund-raiser.

The Montana Council provides incredible incentives for the Scouts who sell, and this adds to the enthusiasm of the sale.

Besides, there are thousands of citizens from throughout the state who count on Scouts each fall, we get calls at the Council Service Centers starting in late August asking “when are the scouts going to be selling popcorn?”

Guess what? 66% of those asked to buy popcorn from a Scout will say yes and we are asking less than 20% of the households.  There is still room to grow here in Montana!

Nobody does it better than the Scouts of the Montana Council! Visit the official Montana Council Popcorn page for more information.

Popcorn fever – catch it!


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