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Camp Staff Scholarships

As fall rolls in and summer comes to an end, I like to take a moment and reflect upon the great success of our summer camps.

Almost 2000 scouts and leaders attended camps in the Montana Council this year (2019).  The reports from almost all units about their experiences this summer are overwhelmingly positive.

This kind of success cannot happen without having a quality summer staff and strong leadership at each camp.  It is because of these quality individuals that we created the Camp Staff Scholarship program.

If you worked for the Montana Council at any one of our summer camp operations for two years or more, you may qualify for some scholarship money to help pay for further education.

To apply, fill out the application that was provided by your camp director, or you can find one online at:

More information about how the program works can be found on the same page.

Applications must be turned in by September 30th, so don’t delay and get yours in now.


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