Eagle Scout Alumni

We’re very happy to be getting a more formal presence on the web so fellow Eagles can learn about what is going on with Boy Scouts of America, National Eagle Scout Association and other local Eagles. Check back frequently as we will continue to add more information as the group grows and more events get scheduled.

A little about the group …

Some of you may have noticed several years ago BSA started an effort to create a directory of all of the Eagle Scouts in the country. If you haven’t heard this or been contacted, hopefully, this site will help you learn about what is going on and give you the ability to get back involved with the program.

To help the BSA in this endeavor, some local chapters of Eagle Scout Alumni has been created in cooperation with the Montana Council.

We hope this website will be helpful to you and are looking for any volunteers and suggestions on how to improve the group and this website.

Best wishes to you all!
Eagle Scouts of Montana

Event suggestions?

We are hoping to have regular events with this group and are very open to any suggestions you may have. Please click here to email us your suggestions.

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